Boondocking, A new term for us


Last night I was poking around the internet, and while looking at some travel and camping sites, I came across a term called boondocking.  As I usually do when I want to look a term up, I grabbed my phone and went onto Google and did a search and found lots of info.  Well a couple hours later I finally put down the phone due to the battery being almost dead, but learned so much about the term boondocking and so many services available related to the activity.  In short its free camping for a short stay, no hookups, and only allowed in specified areas, and thats a very very brief description.  I learned there are sites and apps dedicated to finding boondocking locations, pay websites and services where you allow people to stay on your property, and in return you are granted access to a list of thousands of locations that are offered by fellow members.

Having several acres of unused property at our home, it peaked my interest as what an awesome way to meet fellow RV & Trailer campers.  I will continue to look into this great idea that is new to us, but wanted to just share our new findings and experiences, which is what this blog is all about.  Boondocking–check it out!!

I am including this link to and their page which explains in greater detail what boondocking is all about, enjoy!

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Tom & Tracie

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