Flagler Beach, FL. Encore’s Bulow RV Resort

IMAG0837Last weekend we found ourselves heading a couple hours to the complete opposite side of the state of Florida from the previous weekend.  This time we headed east and went to the Flagler Beach area and stayed at the Bulow RV Resort which is one of Encore’s campgrounds.  We had a very first initial contact when calling in our IMAG0824reservation, the woman on the phone was very helpful in making sure our desires were met to be in a certain area under some big Oak tress on the opposite end of the place from the main entrance.  This was decided when Tracie and I took a ride through the campground about a month earlier while we were in the area visiting some family and saw one of those little brown state signs with an arrow saying campground down this road.  We saw the sign last second, turned around and saidIMAG0820 to each other lets check it out, and we were glad we did.  Great location and about a mile inland from the coast so we were protected from the cold winter winds at the ocean front.  We originally took a short side trip to look at a couple places on the beach for camping, but were immediately reminded of the strong winds and cool constant breezes that frequently happen in the winter months so we thought wed wait til spring for those locations and found Bulow RV Resort buried in the IMAG0804old Oak trees just a mile away…perfect spot for a winter getaway.

Now back to our initial call, we saw where we wanted to be on our first drive thru with our car when scouting out the area, away from everything and under some big old Oak trees.   When we called to reserve our spot, we mentioned where we wanted to be, the woman asked if we were sure, as she was alerting us to the fact of noIMAG0818 sewer hookups and made sure we were OK with all that, which I respect greatly her honesty, and proceeded to do a little finagling and got us in the perfect spot!  I made sure they has a waste tank dump area which they did, so we were fine for several days of no sewer hookups, and dumped and flushed the tank on the way out, no biggie.   And now time to pay, she told us the price which I felt was very reasonable, but then she proceeded to ask if we were Passport America members(we are not) , my answer was no but why? and she said we could have saved 50% off the rate.  I felt that was very customer orientated and impressive. Two thumbs up to the office staff.

IMAG0832The grounds were what I feel a campground is to be like, from my old days of camping as a kid.  Some paved roads, some dirt roads, we parked on grass, some pads and pull through spots were available, but majority were grass sites under trees, with water, electric and free cable hookups, oh yeah and free WiFi and we were right under the antenna so our service for WiFi was great.  There was a large heated pool with very warm water in it, but the sad part it was so cold the weekend we went, not a person was in it, not even us.  In the center of the IMAG0833campground area was a large metal building, guess what it was…yup a BAR!  The bar is open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 7 pm to 2 am, which leads us to the only problem we had.  Noise late at night as the bar crowd was walking around.  Campgrounds are generally very quiet after midnight, but here there were people walking and talking heading back to the bar or to their sites which kept making our dogs bark, so it was tough to get some sleep.  Now dont get me wrong, these were IMAG0831NOT drunken and rowdy type people, just walkers and talkers and when its sooo quiet, it seems you could hear a mouse fart, talking seems extra loud on a cold dark night, and the dogs were uneasy as well.  Next to the Bar and building, there was a play area with a playground, miniature golf, and an open area for a small game of football, baseball, volleyball, horseshoes or whatever you’d like, its just a groomed and taken care of open space in the middle of everything.  At the far corner from theIMAG0809 IMAG0812IMAG0807entrance and ofice, we found a fully fenced in dog park running area, it was pretty big to, if I was to guess I would estimate it to be about 60′ x 100′, with poopy bags and a garbage can, and a sitting bench.  There was also running water in the dog area if you feel your doggie needs a drink.

IMAG0835As far as location to other areas and things to do, very close and I mean very, to several parks with hiking and biking trails, right next door was the Bulow Plantation state park with some walking trails, a nice long dirt road for biking, a burned out sugar mill and just a nice place to visit on the Bulow Creek, which leads to the Halifax and inter-coastal waterway.  Next time we go, yes we will be back, we will bring our kayaks as we found many inland waterways I would love to discover among some IMAG0819marshes and wooded areas, and there’s a nice secluded little boat ramp right next door at he Bulow Plantation State Park.

To sum it up, Id say this campground was very adequate and well maintained.  Not one of your high end plush and new fancy dancy places but I honestly liked the old country feel and back to basics this location had.  It was very nice, very clean, people and long term residents were friendly, the ones we met at least, so I would have no problems recommending someone to check it out.


Thanks and Take Care!
Tom & Tracie



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