Carefree RV Homosassa RV Resort, Homosassa Florida

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The Carefree Homosassa RV resort was a very nice  find, not too far from home, and we will be going back for those quick weekend getaway trips.  This time around we opted to stay at a campground that was just a little less than hour away from home, located on the Gulf coast side of central Florida which is where we like to roam and play and were very familiar with the area from many day trips.  The niceIMAG0869 part was we didn’t have to drive home at the end of the day, and we all know how being away from home,  the chores around the house that you “should” be doing but are not, cant bother you.

Let me start with the reviews I saw online after getting our reservations, which I neglected to look into earlier thankfully!  I saw several negative posts about how cramped, small, impossible to maneuver, “my awning couldn’t open because it would hit my neighbors slides”… and other bad reviews so I got a bit concerned to be honest.  But having experienced and stayed at other IMAG0870Carefree Resorts locations and being impressed, I couldn’t help but wonder, and also knowing the only time people jump online to review something is when they are mad about something, and I had to keep this in mind.  Well surprise, we had a very nice site, plenty of room to get in and out, our awning and slides on a 32′ travel trailer were miles away from the next site, and as well, when we walked around the campground, I couldn’t see the problem areas except for maybe a couple of sites located on road bends IMAG0863which would be hard to maneuver and back in an oversized trailer or RV that isn’t intended for that sized site.  Many aspects of the campground looked new, and Carefree did just take this park over not too long ago,  so it makes me wonder if the site layouts have changed for the better and the old reviews no longer have merit…I honestly don’t know but I couldn’t see what they were complaining about.IMAG0859

This campground is located just off the Homosassa River and about 10 minutes south of Crystal River.  There are lots of activities to see and do in the area, including fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, walking along the river front, bike riding and the list goes on.  You are situated IMAG0861
IMAG0857about a mile or so from a major boat ramp, bait store, restaurants and hotels in whats known as Old Homosassa, we love the area.  About a mile in the other direction is a wildlife park called Homosassa Springs WIldlife State Park, which is a great park and a zoo with walking trails.  A little farthe north maybe about 10 minutes is IMAG0862Crystal River and the Kings Bay water front area again which has state parks, great waterfront restaurants and just a great atmosphere, another one of our favorite local areas to go hang out for a day.

IMAG0878 IMAG0881 IMAG0879The Campground was very clean, bathrooms were beautiful in the location by our site, again looks as if they were recently redone.  The roads are all paved, the sites all had picnic tables, I read somewhere that fire rings are available, but I didn’t see any or ask for one so I cant say for sure.  The free cable with the site gave us around 25 channels which were perfectly clear, our site had all 3 plug sizes, 20/30/50 Amp in the box, and the water seemed fresh, no odors or discoloration and we drank it and cooked with it and no problems.  The grounds were very pretty with lots of big mature tress, several waterways and ponds, a nice fountain in the pond at the entrance, so your first initial view upon arrival is very nice.  The office staff we dealt with upon arrival were nice and gave us clear directions to our site and best way to approach for ease of backing in.

I will say in a little side story here is that they do run a tight ship andIMAG0870 IMAG0875 IMAG0874 the office manager is right in top of things. Unfortunately and quite embarrassing for us, we got spoken to by the office manager for something our guests kids had done without us being aware of, messing around in the empty site next to us.  It was professionally brought to our attention, the matter fixed and dealt with and everything was fine, but I am sharing this to show that this is a campground where you can feel good and know that things are being watched over, no crazy noisy partying, everyone was nice, grounds well maintained, maintenance and clean up crews always driving around doing little clean up jobs of sites and grounds, when someone would leave we would see them checking and raking and prepping site for next guests.

Since this is getting a little long and I could type away forever, Im going to conclude here that we had a nice stay at Carefree Homosassa RV Resort.  The reviews I saw online and were looking to confirm about tight spaces, I just honestly couldn’t see, sure they were not all monster sites, some were larger than others, but not one did I think to myself wow thats too close.  If you have a large trailer that you are not confident in navigating into some smaller areas, discuss that with the office, there are sites meant for different sized trailers.  Not every one needs a pull thru, and not everyone needs a small site for a popup camper, this place has something for everyone’s needs.  We will be going back as this is the area we like to hang out at and not having to drive home at the end of a day in the sun is…well….priceless.  This one gets a thumbs up for approval…Happy Camping!

Tom & Tracie

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  1. Just a side note that I thought was fun. The residents of the campground set up golf holes through the park and play their version of well what shall we call it street golf. It was awesome!

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