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Horseshoe Beach, FL. & New Years

IMAG0773 For New Years Eve weekend we took our camper to a friends property which is about 2 hours north of us in Old Town, FL where they have some acreage and a nice cabin.  There is plenty of room for us and our camper there at the property and a last-minute change in everyone’s plans had us going up there a day early and spending a quiet New Years Eve, we sort of kind of invited ourselves a day early as we weren’t supposed to arrive until the next day on new years day.  A few cocktails, some campfire stories, some somores and then the old age quality kicked in, and maybe the alcohol, but we went to bed around 10:30, never even made it to midnight.

Courtesy Compass Realty, Horseshoe Beach
Courtesy Compass Realty, Horseshoe Beach

On Friday our friends invited us along for a ride to a small old town called Horseshoe Beach to check out the sights and stop for some lunch, so Tracie and I went for a ride along.  What a nice little find for a quiet little get away, and best of all there was a small county park at the end of one of the roads in the very small town which ended in a big circular lot right at the water’s edge of the Gulf, with 8 campsites that had 30A/50A power and water hookups,  situated right off the circular drive.  In the middle of the loop was a small restroom/bathhouse facility which functioned just fine but had no hot water, just the bare essentials, but it was fairly clean.  After seeing and checking this little park out and liking the surrounding small town feel, we decided we wanted to spend a night there.  On Friday when we were there, only 4 of the eight sites were occupied, and its a first come first served basis, so it is a little risky.  On a side note here we did find the local marina and they had about 4 or 5 campsites there also which even had sewer hookups, so that was going to be our backup plan if the county park on the Gulf was full.   The ride in down a long lonely road was something along the lines of 20 miles from the nearest big town, Cross City, so you just have to accept the fact there may be no campsites available when you head out there, I’m sure it gets busy during good fishing and scalloping seasons.

IMAG0789 IMAG0788 IMAG0786We arrived on Sunday around 12 in the afternoon, and the park was deserted, we had the whole place to ourselves.  I will admit it was kind of creepy spooky being all alone out there, but that feeling didn’t last long, we got used to it.  A couple of hours later an elderly couple pulled up next to our camper in a pickup truck, lightly tooted their horn, and it was the county employee coming to collect the nights fee of $20.  If you’re a Dixie County resident the fee is only $10, but for everyone else it is $20 for the night includes 30 or 50 amp service and a water hookup.IMAG0790

The views were spectacular, very tranquil and serene and no better place to enjoy a morning cup of coffee.  The only other people we saw over the 2 days we stayed were the local fisherman who used the boat ramp of the county park to put in their fishing boats, it looked like they were doing some crab fishing, but I am not positive.

IMAG0794Overall the facilities were very adequate, there were some covered patio areas with picnic tables between several of the sites, the grounds were clean, the restrooms were fairly clean as much as one could expect from a place as this, and the small fishing town feel that was surrounding was kind of neat, places like these are disappearing fast.

The top 2 aerial photos were used with permission from Compass Realty North who can be found at www.compassrealtyNFL.com or (352) 498-2400 and they said they also have properties and sites available for rental for campers and RV’s to use.  As we were walking around the area we did notice many empty lots that had what looked to be full RV hookups and sewer hookups, and I would think these are some of the lots they have available for rent.7162-MMS-1452135946044-attachment1-IMAG0478

It was a perfect end to a great New Years Weekend!  Thanks Jamie and Sara!


Tom & Tracie


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